Dent du Géant glacier, Aiguille de la République and Aiguille des Grands Charmoz above Chamonix, France


Colin Henderson is a photographer from Scotland, UK, specialised in a variety of subjects such as sports, outdoor recreation and employment, adventure tourism, travel and landscapes. Passionate about shooting outdoors, especially with sports athletes and models, he particularly loves when clients choose locations which have mountains as the backdrop, his aim being to illustrate inspiring subjects from dramatic regions around the globe, making creative use of the landscape to produce striking and emotive imagery that clients use to promote products, people, places and health.

Whether the assignment is to document the training sessions of a professional athlete in the European Alps to promote a mountain running brand, illustrate for a lifestyle magazine the daily activities of a working Highland estate or to help a tourist board promote the beauty of their country so they can attract outdoor-minded visitors, Colin’s experience of photography, plus his project management skills and self-reliance outdoors, gives him the ability to plan complex photo shoots, even in remote locations, and deliver clients compelling and authentic outdoor-related images.

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