Mountain landscape: Kirkjufell ('Church Mountain'), Iceland

I visited Iceland recently on the request of Extreme Tris to shoot their inaugural Ísland Extreme Triathlon. My intention after the event was to spend some time exploring a unique image I felt I could create of the famous Kirkjufell, or Church Mountain. The common ‘Instagram’ composition of this peak, which is next to Grundarfjörður on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, is a wide angle lens from c.150m away, with a waterfall in the foreground. The shot I had in my head was a drone-style image which I wanted to capture from above the mountain, after climbing to the top of the cliffs to the west of the peak, which would give some indication of Kirkjufell’s location on the coastline with the remote west fjords of Iceland in the background. Unfortunately, some really poor weather put paid to that shot and all I managed was some quick images of the peak from the side of the road as I photographed the race. It gives me a perfect excuse to go back.