Books I've read: The business of photography

1. Lisa Pritchard - Setting Up a Successful Photography Business

A great resource for new photographers, Lisa's book covers everything from business plans to marketing and promotion to producing a photoshoot. It includes a set of business templates, which helped me form the basis of the ones I use today.

(I also really value Lisa’s follow up book, ‘Running a Successful Photography Business’)


2. Richard Weisgrau - The Real Business of Photography

A book with no images may not hold much interest for creative folk but Richard's 200+ page book is packed full of essential advice for photographers looking to understand and optimise their business practices and engage professionally with clients.

(See also Richard's follow up book, The Photographer's Guide to Negotiating).


3. John Harrington - Best Business Practices for Photographers

Has been referred to as the professional photographer's bible. Author John Harrington, from San Francisco Bay, USA, covers a wide variety of topics including setting your fees and communicating with clients. His book is another essential read on competent business practices.


4. Elyse Weissberg: Successful Self-Promotion for Photographers

Expose Yourself Properly - Elyse's book was written before the maturity of digital marketing (sadly, she passed away before her book was finished). Her focus is on solid photography marketing techniques - print mailers, portfolio drop-offs, etc.

5. Jed Wylie - Make Your Website Sell: The Ultimate Guide to Increasing your Online Profits

A website is an essential tool for a photographer. Although I don't sell products online (other than prints), learning from Jed's expertise on SEO and digital marketing has enabled me to rank highly for my desired keywords and maximise the results I want to achieve from my online marketing spend. Highly recommended.